Proud Grandma

Photo credit: Jon Davidson, Office of President Clinton

The New York Times has just blogged that Hillary Clinton is presenting herself on the campaign trail as an “unapologetic” grandmother. Since when does anyone have to apologize for being a grandparent?

Taking Note: “Hillary Clinton, Unapologetic Grandma”

As the NY Times noted, given “the lack of respect generally afforded older women in America, asserting oneself as both grandmother and candidate still feels groundbreaking.” Okay, here’s a challenge to all the press: don’t write about Hillary Clinton in a way you wouldn’t write about a male candidate: no hairstyle critiques, no wardrobe commentary, no speculation as to whether family matters might make her withdraw from the field. Oh, and please stop body-shaming legendary female athletes while you’re at it. K, thanks.

Double Fault in Article on Serena Williams and Body Image

(EPA/Thomas Lovelock)


  1. Absolutely! I saw both these stories and rolled my eyes. What I particularly love is how the media does a story that reports on gender bias, but still manages to push the same agenda as always. How about, don’t require an apology for being a grandmother and then you don’t have to run a story on a woman refusing to do so? And Serena Williams looks like a BOSS. Woman is strong and she looks it. Again, nothing to apologize for, so stop asking women to apologize for being themselves.

    Stepping off my soapbox now and backing away.


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