Laugh or Cry?

The Republican primary race for the U.S. Presidency keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.  With Donald Trump’s surge in the polls, what is one to think? How is one to keep a straight face? The New Yorker magazine, as always, is handling the matter with dignity and delicacy. lol. One of my liberal friends said this week that the GOP primary field has now officially become “a double-decker clown car.”

Myself, I think there are a couple of GOP candidates one must take seriously — but Trump is not one of them. He has always been a clown and a bully, but he may have really belly-flopped with his recent attack on John McCain’s heroism. New Yorker staffers Barry Blitt and Andy Borowitz have some thoughts on the matter:

Cover Story: Barry Blitt’s “Belly Flop” – The New Yorker.

Hmm, who’s a hero: the guy who had several deferments from the draft for a bone spur in one of his feet, he can’t remember which? Or the guy who was shot down over Vietnam during his 23rd bombing mission; broke three of his four limbs; was bayoneted, beaten, tortured and put in solitary for years; and spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton, one of the most notorious POW prisons in history, turning down early release so others could go home? What Donald Trump Was Up To …

I’ve been following campaigns and voting for too long. I’m getting jaded. I have a hard time tolerating the antics of a Donald Trump, or even a Ted Cruz. Not gonna laugh. Not gonna cry. I have a choice and a voice. Time for a good loud scream.