Blog Feature: The Weekly Vent

Our last assignment for Blogging 101: to create a recurring blog feature. Given that this blog is here to function as my anger translator and personal Luther, it wasn’t hard to decide on one. The Weekly Vent.

Here is how Oregon State University explains vents on its site Volcano World: “Vents, of course, are the locations from which lava flows and pyroclastic material are erupted. Their forms and orientations can be used to determine many characteristics of the eruption with which they were associated.” Volcano World: Vents

So here’s the drill: every week, probably on Sunday evenings, I will post about something that made me want to scream that week. You can join me in the comments; comment guidelines apply. The purpose is not to attack, it is to vent. The forms and orientations of my vents can be used to determine what has caused me to erupt, but I promise to keep my sense of humor if you promise to keep yours.

And to those who irritate me: bless your hearts.


  1. I like this! What a great way to let off steam too. Looking forward to hearing your vents; although maybe the hope is to not hear them because nothing would have bothered you that week?


    1. Thanks! Oh, I’m sure at least one thing will bother me every week, if only because that’s sort of an occupational hazard of being middle-aged. But I’m finding that if I vent about it, I’m better able to “let it go.”

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      1. Well let’s hope most weeks it’s only one thing. 🙂 I’m glad it’s a good outlet for you, plus you have us other bloggers in your corner. (Assuming we don’t make you have to vent…) 😉

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