Men, Women and Guns

I just read this thought-provoking article by Nico Lang at America’s White Masculinity Complex and the Myth of the “Senseless” Mass Shooting.  He says that many of the recent mass shootings inflicted so tragically on communities around the U.S. have been carried out by straight white men attempting to re-assert what they view as the rightful dominance of straight white men over everyone else. I can’t disagree. But men of color openly express plenty of misogyny too, including in popular song lyrics and the abusive actions of certain famous male athletes. Not to mention the sex trafficking of girls and women among ethnic minorities as well as the white population, and the prevalence of domestic violence throughout the U.S.:  PreventConnect; Report on Women and Girls of Color30 Shocking Domestic Violence Statistics. And look at the struggle women have had in the movie industry and other media just to get employed, let alone see themselves portrayed in a realistic, humane way.

So where are the many, many men of goodwill in this? Where are their voices in this conversation? I know very few mean, angry men. I avoid them. Basically, all the men I know — white, black, brown, yellow, straight, gay — are good men. Some own guns. Some don’t. Some are married. Some are not. Most of them like women most of the time, whether as lovers or friends. Guys, it’s time to speak up. It’s the manly thing to do.