How to be 50: How to Dance

Charlotte Latvala at “How To Be 50” strikes again! Here she is with advice on how to do your very own “middle-aged rave.”

How to Be 50

By Charlotte Latvala

"Everybody dance now" is  sometimes a command that must be obeyed. “Everybody dance now” is sometimes a command that must be obeyed.

Do you need to dance, at 50? Well, sure, you say. I like to toss on an old Wham! CD and boogie around my living room every now and then.

But that’s not what we mean. In mid-life, there are occasions when you need to dance in public, including but not limited to: Your kid’s wedding; the annual work-related social event your spouse drags you to; and one of those rare but glorious funerals where the music starts and everyone hits the dance floor.

Don’t let the rhythm catch you unprepared. Instead:*

  • Fuel up. A healthy snack before you hit the floor is as important as a good beat.

A perfect pairing. A perfect pairing.

  • Remember it’s not 1982. So stop yelling at the DJ to play The Psychedelic Furs.
  • Don’t whip. Don’t nae nae…

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  1. LOL I’d put my back out for sure! That’s one of those things I’ve always been terrified to do. We go to a 1964 The Tribute concert (Beatles tribute band), and even then I can only get up the nerve to sway! It’s always been that way. Since… Well, 1964. (rolls eyes…)

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