Yet again, the world is witnessing murderous cruelty on a massive scale. The brutality of ISIS toward Christians and practitioners of other religions, even other sects of Islam, is gut-churning. The closest parallel I can recall in recent decades is the genocide in Rwanda, when Hutus turned on their Tutsi neighbors and massacred them at the behest of vicious political leaders who hoped to gain power by unleashing hatred. Yet again, violent men with guns are imposing their will on people who mostly want the peace and safety to live their lives.

via Is This the End of Christianity in the Middle East? – The New York Times.

I feel helpless but I am determined to find a way to unite with others of goodwill to do whatever can be done. The world cannot continue to stand by in silence — again. WE cannot stand by in silence — again.

Police brutality. Drug-inspired carnage. Religious and racial hatred. Hatred of all kinds. Man’s inhumanity to man. Massacres of innocents. What to do in the face of so much evil? What drives so many people to be so cruel?